Hello Gals!
I'm sorry for no uptdates the last weeks, but
I was pretty busy with school and such things.. _φ(* ̄0 ̄)ノ
I'm cooking lunch at the moment, rice and fish,
probably thats what I eat pretty often when I'm
alone. Oh, and I always sitting on my laptop while
eating, watching anime or youTube \_ヘ(◕‿◕✰).
Tomorrow is going to be fantastic, because it's
our school festival!!
Our class is going to make a crepe-café, I'm sooo
excited o(*>ω<*)o!! It's my first school festival!!
The last days were really exhausting, because we've
worked a lot on our plans, till the evening.
Wish me luck tomorrow!
Moka 。(>ω<。)
These windturbines stand on my way to school,
I love them<3