2015.10.08 a japanese girl
Konichi wa gals (︶ω︶)
The blog name got "why I love Japan" in it,
so I think I could explain you some more about my actual
I was born as a half-japanese (I have dark blonde hair and
I don't know why.. it's so irritating..) in a japanese family, but
not in Japan- in Germany.
I lived there for 14 years, but last year we've to pack
our things and travel to Japan, because of my Dads job.
It have been sad to leave my friends, but I love Japan and
see it as my hometown, since I was there the first time
(I was four years).
I feel so well keeped and at home here, that I don't
have to worry about anything.
I'm qiet in love with my Japan. (´•ω•`)♡

last summer days
Bye bye,