Konban wa Gals!
It's sunday evening and I lay on my bed in pyjamas..
well since I'm in Japan I feel like I'd be a character in an anime.
My Mommy is going to travel the next morning to Chuo for
her work.
I'll be one week a lone (okay, the cat is here..).
I hope everyting goes well and wont be too chaotic(*/∇\*).
Wish me luck!
was shopping!!

2015.09.03 back to school
Konban wa! 。(>_<;=;>_<)。
It's the last evening of my summerbreak and I
REALLY, REALLY, REALLY dnn't know why they're pass
by so fast ?! (*´○∧○`*).. I don't wanna go back to
school.. I have such a weird feeling about tomrrow.
I want to have endless summerbreak, have fun with my
friends, go with them to the beach, enjoy the heat, read manga
and sometimes do just nothig all day. ( ̄︶ ̄;)
BUT, I will see it positive (seeing my friends every day,
learn new things.. and more..hahaha).
I write back soon, good night (≚ᄌ≚)ƶƵ