Ohayo Gals (≧∀≦ゞ
It's still summerbreak (yeah.. we they started so late) and
in the holidays I live mostly "alone" at home.
When I wake up, my Mom is already gone to work and
she goes often to her friend on evenings, so that I'm
already a sleep when she comes home. (✿◡‿◡ฺ)zzz
(my morning dish)

A typically day is like this:
I stand up between 9:30 and 10:00 am and make me
some breakfast. Mostly cornflakes or noodlesoup and always
a cup of green tea.
Then I make me ready for day with skin care and decent make up.
On noon I like to go in the libary, in the supermarket or
hang out in shibuya. Sitting in cafes, looking for the newest
fashion or just walking around in the sunshine.
When I come home I'm going to eat lunch, sometimes I bring some
food from the city or just cooking easy dishes for me (⌒▽⌒).
Today I had rice with vegetables and steamed fish.
In the evening I like to watch anime on TV or J-doramas and drinking some hot chocolate
(well, sometimes in summer too, but mostly soda drinks).

That was it for today, C U next time!
Hey Gals!
Today I want to tell you something about how you
can treat your skin, when it's very sensitive (like mine).
The first and importantst point (for every skin type) is,
that you need a skin care routine!
Especially for sensitive skin, because irregulary things wont make
it better.
The best is, when you're skincare routine isn't too long.
Don't use too much products, for sensitive skin is the simplest
way the best and healthiest way.(˘ᵋॢ ˘ॢ⌯)*
Five-four steps is ideal:
1.Remove your Make-up with Make-up wipes, foam or cream.
Nature cosmetic or natural products, maybe just for sensitive
skin, are the bests.
2. Clean your face with your favourite cleanser and wash it with water.
3.(This point is optional and I wouldn't recommend to do it
every day) Make a light peeling , use products for sensitive skin or
make your own with oats and water.
4.Wipe with a toner over your skin to remove any excess and
give your skin some little boosters. I can recommend this one :
http://www.alva.de/cms/index.php?cms_seite_id=51&productID=22&open_menu_id=0 v
with teatree extract.
5. Apply your night cream and you're ready for the bed.
The best creams for sensitive skin are with aloe vera or calendula
(something that smooth and relax your skin).
You can use night packs if you have dark circles.

For mornings, it is totally enough when you wash your face
with water (first warm, then cold) and apply some toner
http://www.logona.de/en/products/face/dry-skin/, this one is
for dry skin, but I totally recommend it!! Sensitive skin become
dry very fast when it gets cold.
The last step is to apply your day cream and maybe sunscreen
(if your cream haven't a LSF).

I hope I can help you and be there for the next entry!<3
Moka (* ̄0 ̄)θ~♪