Hay Gals (ᴗ˳ᴗ)..
I'm so tired!! I was too busy this weekend ╰(⇀⌂↼‶)╯
I was on a birthday party overnight and today I
was on a photoshoot.
But the female photographer was so cute and
nice (◎`・ω・´)人(´・ω・`*). Thank you for everything today,
got the best out for me!
She finished her studium and want to open a
perfume company ♪ヽ( ⌒o⌒). (Right now, her part-time job
is at a photograph).
★Check out her site: https://www.facebook.com/west8east?fref=photo

C U next time<3
Hey Gals, today it's a bit oter category,
from what I do normally, but I wanna introduce you my
favourite K-dramas o(〃^▽^〃)o
we start from the botom:

10. dating on earth
09. school 2013
08. I do, I do
07. BIG
06. you're my pet
05. playful kiss
04. flower boy next door
03. 200 pounds beauty
02. A millionaires first love (it's too sad.. (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)
01. *drumms*.. 100 DAYS WITH MR. ARROGANT (I love it, so, so much!!)

What is your favourite drama? Let me know^^!
Today is the warmest day, since the year started
and outside it feels so like summer already (︶ω︶).
The asia kitchen under my door started to cook,
I can leave open the balkony door and its really warm and
sticky inside.
I was in the libary today and so glad to met a classmate on the subway
station, because there were a group of boys (a bit older than me)
and started to ask me out for a date and thing like this.
ε=ε=(⊃≧□≦)⊃ This happens often, but it's really scary and
sucking everytime!! He saves me, thank you!!

Hello Gals, Moka again,
lately I'm really busy, because I have practice twice a week,
springbreak homework and some other things to do.. ( ̄^ ̄)
Today I want to buy some new spring clothes^^! *yaay*
If everything goes well I'll go with my bestie on Friday in the city
and buy some manga ( ^^)人(^^ ).
That was it for today, C U
this was my lunch yesterday (๑╹ڡ╹๑)